Past principals

Miss Evelyn Allsop (1922 – 1949)

In 1922 Miss E.A Allsop was appointed as the principal.Miss. Allsop’s time is considered as the Golden era of the Ferguson High School. Amongst the remarkable incidents of that time;

First Candidate

In 1923, Miss. Elsie Abeygunasekara pass the E.S.L.C Examination.


In 1925, Muhandiram C.P Wanigathunga opened the kindergarten and Miss. Barbet was the in-charge of it.

Ferguson High School

In 1928, the school known as Baptist Missionary Girls’ English School was renamed as Ferguson High School in memory Mr. John Ferguson who helped the Baptist Missionary Society in Ceylon.

The hostel

In 1924, the hostel was started as an integral part of the school.

In the same year, the school was registered as a mixed school.

In 1929, two story building was opened as the new senior hostel. The former one (Etherington house) became the junior hostel. The two hostel buildings were connected by a long flight of steps


In 1925, the first Ratnapura Guide Company was begun. In 1928, His excellency Sir Herbert Stanley visited the guide company in the school.

The 1930s

The 1930s was a period of growth. The total number of students was 118 and staff 9.

In 1931, a joint concert was held with the brother school of Ferguson High School, Carey College.

House System

Miss. W.F Gadge, the acting principal introduced the hose system, three houses Blue , Red and Orange. (The school colour was green)


The first reunion of the old girls was held on 8th September 1933 and Old Girls’ Association was inaugurated.


The first candidate, Miss Augusta Perera passed the S.S.C (English) in 1934.

Primary Classes in Sinhala and Tamil Medium

In 1946, primary classes switched over to mother tongue medium, Sinhala / Tamil.

First Ferguson Fair

In December 1947, the first Ferguson Fair was held to swell the building fund.

Miss. F.Aurora Brook (1950 – 1960)

In 1949, Miss. F.A Brook became the principal of Ferguson High School. In Ferguson history,  Miss. Brook’s name has been written in Gold for her great work over 10 years.

Free Education

In 1951 year school joined the Free Education scheme.

School Crest

In1952, Ms. Nalani Gunasekar, the teacher in charge of Art, designed the school crest for the first time.

Prize Awarding Ceremony with Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayaka

In April 1958,Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayaka, a past pupil Ferguson High School (1923-1924) came as the chief guest of the prize giving

Miss. Pearl Perera (1960 – 1972) & (1976-1980)

Miss. Pearl Perera is honored as an esteemed principal who rendered a great service to the Ferguson High School until her retirement.

First Sinhala Principal

When Miss. Brook left the country 1960, for the first time in Ferguson History , a Sinhalese , Miss. Pearl Perera was appointed as the principal.

Ferguson High school – No longer a Christian assisted school

From 1st December 1960, Ferguson became a director managed government school.

First University entrance

During her time,Sweenetha Suraweera and M.D Karunawathie ,who passed H.S.C and U.A (Arts) examinations entered to the university for the first time from Ferguson High School

Government School

In 1963, the school became a Government school.

Golden Jubilee & Governor General -  the chief guest of the Prize giving

1967 was the golden jubilee of Ferguson High School. In the same year Governor General His Excellency, William H. Gopallawa came as the chief guest of the Prize giving.

Allsop House

The old mission house was acquired for the school in 1978. The building was named as “ Allsop House” and kindergarten was moved there.

Amalgamation of Baptist Missionary Society Primary school with Ferguson High School

A new two story building was opened in 1978 to meet the need of increasing number of students. As it was also not enough department of education amalgamated the Baptist Missionary Society Primary school with Ferguson High School. It was known as Junior Boys’ Section and girls of that school was were administered to Ferguson High School. 

Mrs. Malini Wijenayaka (1972 – 1974)

With in a very short time, Mrs. Wijenayaka did a prodigious service to Ferguson High School.

First set of medical students

Helped to organize the new laboratory and get science teachers to start Advance level science. The 1st batch of science students not only passed the exam but also selected to medicine and science faculties during her time.

Mrs. Mallika Thambiah (1974 – 1976)

Mrs. Thambiah, did an excellent service to develop Ferguson High School, preserving Ferguson identity.

Mrs. Thambiah, made extra curricular activities very popular in the school.

For the first time she started to hold the school Assembly in Sinhala medium which was held in English.


Mrs. Buddhi Bamunusinghe (1981 – 1982) & (1987-1995)

In 1981 another Golden era dawned with the arrival of Mrs. Bamunusinghe. But as was appointed as an assistant director of education she had to leave the school in 1982. After her second arrival to Ferguson High School in 1987 she did a marvelous service with a great dedication.

National School

In 1993, the school grow into a National School.

75th anniversary of Ferguson High School

The 75th Birthday of Ferguson High School was celebrated in grand scale  with the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka at that time, as the chief guest.

Discipline of Fergusonite

Mrs. Bamunusinghe took a great effort to increase standard of education of the students  and make well disciplined Fergusonites and it was very successful

Mrs. S. Subasinghe (1983-1986)

With in a very short time of 3 years, Mrs. Subasinghe rendered a great service to the school.

Shrine Room

The school shrine room was built during her time.

New Buildings

Two, Three story buildings were erected for the primary and junior sections.

Another new building was established for Muslim section.

A new building was constructed adjoined to the Tamil Section of the school, to widen it.

The land next to the District Judge’s quarters was taken over to the school.

Established the communication system with in the school.  

Ms. Kothalawala (1995 – 1999)

Ms. Kothalawala also did an immense service to uplift the standard of education in Ferguson High school.

OGA Canteen

Established a canteen maintained by the Old Girls’ Association.

Computer Unit

To ease the work of administration, computer unit was started.

Prize Awarding System

The present prize awarding system of the school was inaugurated by Ms. Kothalawala.

Examination Unit

Established an examination unit to hold the Term Tests methodically.

Students applying for the prefect ship

A system was started to apply for the prefect ship by the students themselves.

National anthem & the School Song

Started to sing the national anthem and the school song on every other day.

Mrs. B.A. Dariju (2000 – 2003)

School Van

It was during Mrs. Dariju’s period, the school van was bought.

Duplo Machine for the Examination Unit

A Duplo machine which was a vital need for the examination unit was bought.

Fax Machine

To go ahead with the new technology, a fax machine was bought to the school.

Row of Na Trees along the road

To beautify the school lane, a row of Na trees was planted along the road.

Mrs. B.V.R.C.Bandarawaththa (2004 – 2012)

Mrs. Bandarawththa did a great service to the school in her 8 years period.

Constructed a three story building with laboratories for the school science section.

During her period, she worked to bring fame to the school by coordinating to create talented students in sports. Ishara Dayanada became the all island most popular school sports woman – 2010 and Ishali Chandrasekara Paricipated for SAF Games representing Sri Lanka .