Present Ferguson came into existence as a result of the meritorious deed of Mrs. Florie Radhley.


The school was first started in 1917 by the name of Baptist Missionary English School. It was started with only 3 girls, in the premises of Baptist church. Miss Elizebeth Maldeniya was the first teacher. After her, Miss Margret Maldeniya took her place. Later Miss S.R. Cassie Chitty was also appointed to meet the needs of increased number of students.
The church building was not enough for students and a new school building was badly in need. In 1918, a Fancy Bazar was held to raise funds for a new building and it was opened on the 10th March 1919 by Mrs. Foucer.

In 1920, Miss Wijesinghe was appointed as the head teacher and Miss Nesta Vanderstraten joined the staff.

In 1921, Mrs. Joice Collier was appointed as the principal. In the same year the school was registered as a “Grant in Aid – English School”.
  • Miss Evelyn Allsop

In 1922 Miss E.A Allsop was appointed as the principal.

  • First Candidate

In 1923, Miss. Elsie Abeygunasekara pass the E.S.L.C Examination.

  • Kindergarten

In 1925, Muhandiram C.P Wanigathunga opened the kindergarten and Miss. Barbet was the in-charge of it.

  • Ferguson High School

In 1928, the school known as Baptist Missionary Girls’ English School was renamed as Ferguson High School in memory Mr. John Ferguson who helped the Baptist Missionary Society in Ceylon.

  • The hostel

In 1924, the hostel was started as an integral part of the school.

In the same year, the school was registered as a mixed school.

In 1929, two storey building was opened as the new senior hostel. The former one (Etherington house) became the junior hostel. The two hostel buildings were connected by a long flight of steps.

  •  Guiding

In 1925, the first Ratnapura Guide Company was begun. In 1928, His excellency Sir Herbert Stanley visited the guide company in the school.

  • The 1930s

The 1930s was a period of growth. The total number of students was 118 and staff 9.

In 1931, a joint concert was held with the brother school of Ferguson High School, Carey College.

  • House System

Miss. W.F Gadge, the acting principal introduced the hose system, three houses Blue , Red and Orange. (The school colour was green)

  • OGA

The first reunion of the old girls was held on 8th September 1933 and Old Girls’ Association was inaugurated.

  • S.S.C

The first candidate, Miss Augusta Perera passed the S.S.C (English) in 1934.

  • The 1940s
  • In March 1940, Miss. F.A Brook came to Ferguson High School

In 1942, during world war children from Colombo schools came to Ferguson in large numbers. In the same year the Silver jubilee of the school was celebrated. Rev. S.F.Perera was the chief guest.

In 1943, the first school building was demolished to make room for a new hall.

On 12th February 1946, this new hall was opened by Lady Moore, wife of H.E the governor of Ceylon.

In 1946, primary classes switched over to mother tongue medium, Sinhala / Tamil.

On 39th May 1947, Miss Allsop’s Silver jubilee at Ferguson High School was celebrated.

In December 1947, the first Ferguson Fair was held to swell the building fund.

  • Miss. F.Aurora Brook

In 1949, Miss. F.A Brook became the principal of Ferguson High School.

  • Miss. E.A Allsop left the country

On her retirement, Miss. E.A. Allsop left the country.

In 1951, Mrs. J.E Stembo was appointed as the head of the primary section. In the same year school joined the Free Education sheme.

On 11th January 1955, new two storey building was opened by Miss. M.E Roper.

The 2nd Ferguson Fair was held on 29th july & 30th july in the same year.

In 1956, Miss. Pearl Perera , a Past Pupil and  a teacher o Ferguson High School came back to the school as the Head teacher of Ferguson High School.

  • School Birthday

In 1957, was the 40th Anniversary of Ferguson High School. Miss. Allsop’s Birthday fell on 27th march and it was taken as the school Birthday. 40 oil lamps were lit on a stand with the letters F.H.S. Everyone brought presents of 40 coins as birthday gift.

  • Arrival of Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayaka

In April 1958,Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayaka (She was also a past pupil Ferguson High School 1923-1924) came as the chief guest of the prize giving.

In November 1958, the 3rd Ferguson fair was held.

  • First Sinhala Principal - Miss. Pearl Perera

When Miss. Brook left the country 1960, for the first time in Ferguson History , a Sinhalese , Miss. Pearl Perera was appointed as the principal.

  • Ferguson High school – No longer a Christian assisted school

From 1st December 1960, Ferguson became a director managed government school.

  • First University entrance

Sweenetha Suraweera and M.D Karunawathie were the 1st two students who passed H.S.C and U.A (Arts) examinations and entered to the university.

  • 4th Ferguson fair was held in 1966.
  • Golden Jubilee

1967 was the golden jubilee of Ferguson High School. In the same year Governor General His Excellency, William H. Gopallawa came as the chief guest of the Prize giving.

  • Mrs. Malini Wijenayaka

From 1972 – 1974 she had been the inspector of science in Colombo district and she helped to organize the new laboratory and get science teachers to start Advance level science. The 1st batch of science students not only passed the exam but also selected to medicine and science faculties.

  • Primary Head Teacher – Mrs. C. Gunarathna

Mrs.Gunarathna worked a lot to improve the standard of primary section of the school.

  • Mrs. Mallika Thambiah

Mrs. Thambiah, the next principal in 1974, made extra curricular activities very popular in the school.

  • Second arrival of Miss. Pearl Perera

In 1976 Ms. Pearl Perera was transferred back to Ferguson High school as the principal. Miss. Brook and Miss. Moon were the chief guests of the school birthday in that year.

  • Allsop House

The old mission house was acquired for the school in 1978. The building was named as “ Allsop House” and kindergarten was moved there.

  • Amalgamation of Baptist Missionary Society Primary school with Ferguson High School

A new two story building was opened in 1978 to meet the need of increasing number of students. As it was also not enough department of education amalgamated the Baptist Missionary Society Primary school with Ferguson High School. It was known as Junior Boys’ Section and girls of that school was were administered to Ferguson High School.

  • 60th Anniversary

An all night pirith ceremony was held in the school main hall to celebrate the 60th anniversary.