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Radio Broadcasting Programme 2018


                     120th Anniversary Celebration, St. Aloysius College, Ratnapura

Radio Broadcasting Competition organized by Media Unit, St. Aloysius College with the participation of Media Unit, Ferguson High School.

Ferguson High School....

Being perched on a little hill situated in the heart of "Ratnapura" , facing the sacred mountain "Sri Pada" , FERGUSON HIGH SCHOOL - RATNAPURA" illuminates the whole nation with its fame for 100 years.

Inaugurated in 1917 by Baptist Missionaries Rev. J.B Radley and his wife the school was then known as Baptist Missionary English School. Miss Elizebeth Maldeniya who was the first teacher of this school took the initiative in her career of teaching with three students with the vestry of the Baptist church.

As the number on roll was increasing the school was then moved from the valley to the hill in 1919.

In 1922 , Miss Allsop became the first principal and it was her faith and vision and boundless energy that developed the school in many ways. The school was named  Ferguson high school in 1928, in memory of Mr. John Ferguson who had played a prominent part in the life of the Baptist Church.

Being so proud and honoured to have the world's first women Prime Minister Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranayaka as the distinguished past pupil of the school Mother Ferguson has taken giant strides within the period of 100 years, to carve her name in the world history in golden letters as a "Leading Girls' School in Sri Lanka".

At present the school shelters over 4300 Fergusonites enjoying educational facilities guided by Mrs. Mercy Galagama as the principal and the staff of about 200 devoted teachers providing knowledge and assisting the students in the development of aptitudes and attitudes that assist in the process of moulding the students and make them exemplary, useful citizens of Young Ladies to the nation.

The parents , past pupils , well wishers , the members of the non academic staff , and various clubs and associations functioning within the school provide valuable services in this process.

Having "LIVE PURE : SPEAK TRUE : RIGHT WRONG" as the motto , the school has reached great heights to its vision.

Students who excelled in different fields in National and International levels every year are good evidence to prove the strength , power and the majesty of the school